Itchen Valley Country Park

An Ofsted registered forest school inspired holiday club for children aged 4 (must be in reception) - 11.

The day will be based in a woodland area and include: basic bush-craft and fire lighting, campfire cooking, tool use, shelter-building, nature walks, woodland crafts, team games and much more. 

Time: 8.30am- 4.00pm 

£28.50 per day 

£128.25 per week (late pick ups are extra) 

Late pick up to 5.30pm (including snack) £5.00

10% sibling discount


If you wish to pay by childcare vouchers please contact us on 01794 525510 for a reference number. PLEASE NOTE: your booking is not fully confirmed until we receive payment. To avoid losing your space, we advice processing your voucher payments within 2 days of booking. 

**If payment/ remittance is not received within a week of your booking, it will be cancelled. 



Easter Holidays

Monday 6th April - 8.30am-4.00pm

Tuesday 7th April - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 8th April - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 9th April - 8.30am-4.00pm

Tuesday 14th April - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 15th April - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 16th April - 8.30am-4.00pm

Friday 17th April - 8.30am-4.00pm


May Half Term

Tuesday 26th May - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 27th May - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 28th May - 8.30am-4.00pm

Friday 29th May - 8.30am-4.00pm


Summer Holidays

Monday 27th July - 8.30am-4.00pm

Tuesday 28th July - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 29th July - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 30th July - 8.30am-4.00pm 

Monday 3rd August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Tuesday 4th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 5th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 6th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Friday 7th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Monday 10th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Tuesday 11th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 12th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 13th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Friday 14th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Monday 17th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Tuesday 18th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 19th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 20th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Friday 21st August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Monday 24th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Tuesday 25th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 26th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 27th August - 8.30am-4.00pm

Friday 28th August - 8.30am-4.00pm


October Half Term

Monday 26th October - 8.30am-4.00pm

Tuesday 27th October - 8.30am-4.00pm

Wednesday 28th October - 8.30am-4.00pm

Thursday 29th October - 8.30am-4.00pm

Friday 30th October - 8.30am-4.00pm


Please see the below forms for more information. We require the below consent form to be bought with you on the day.