Detached Youth Provision

Detached youth work involves making contact with young people in their own territory and exploring their needs, building relationships with them and providing support.
Description of services

The aim of the sessions is to provide a safe environment for young people to access advice and informal education on relevant issues. The sessions are structured and include workshops on life skills, positive activities, group work and sign posting to other services.
By way of example the type of services we could offer to individuals and groups are:

  •  Communication skills
  •  Team building skills
  •  Healthy lifestyles
  •  Positive activities
  •  Confidence building
  •  Residential opportunities
  •  Preparation for work


These programmes aim to engage young people and give them the skills to access other services that are being provided in the local area. Staff signpost and support young people to access any services they feel would be beneficial.
We are able to offer services that are required late afternoon, when many young people are leaving school, and into the evening when young people often congregate in local areas where they are perceived to be problematic. This service is also ideal for school holidays when there are more young people about, often with nothing to do.


Youth Options delivered detached youth work in Southampton from April 2015 to March 2016 engaging 370 different young people who attended 1198 times across 111 sessions. The project was delivered in two areas of the city, with one area seeing an overall 7% drop in anti-social behaviour on the previous 12 months, and the other an 11% drop. Local businesses reported a reduction in anti-social behaviour by young people on the evenings that the project was delivering. There was a 26% reduction in the number of young people who feared for their own safety in their local areas (60% to 44%), and 83% of young people strongly agreed that they felt safer when the Youth Support Workers were in the area.

To find out more please contact us via:

Telephone: 01794 525510