Catalyst is a programme designed to support children and young people in a range of situations. It is an ideal programme to re-engage young people with learning, re-engage with family or community and as a step towards a traineeship.

Description of services

Catalyst is delivered to groups of up to 12 young people supporting them to improve their communication, confidence and self-efficacy, resilience and determination, planning and problem solving and management of feelings through a structured six week programme. Catalyst requires young people to attend one full week of activity followed by five weeks of three full days:

Week 1: Activity

Five days of challenging outdoor activities that are fun and engaging. Participants discuss what they want to achieve from the course, and put this into an action plan that they can monitor as they progress.

Week 2: Skills

This week focuses on building communication and team working skills.

Week 3: Community

The focus is on the local community looking at ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ in relation to facilities, environment and support.

Week 4: Social Action Planning

Using the information gathered in week 3 young people decide on a project that they would like to do for their local community.

Week 5: Social Action Delivery

Young people deliver their chosen social action project. The exact nature of activity will depend entirely on the project chosen.

Week 6: Evaluation & Celebration

Young people put together a celebration event for their friends and family, evaluate the programme and take part in a reward trip.


Catalyst was delivered to a group of 10 young people on the edge of the care system in Basingstoke in February-March 2016. Our impact analysis shows that 70% of participants reported improvement in confidence, overcoming challenges, motivation to achieve best results and getting on better with their family. In terms of learning 70% felt they learnt to communicate, 100% to make their own decisions, 80% how to respond to challenges and 70% how to work in a team. Outside agencies including PCSOs, schools and mentors also evaluated the programme with 40% strongly in agreement that young people were more confident, 60% better at overcoming challenges, 60% more motivated and 40% better at working in a team.

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